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 Highlights – Fire Analyst Competences and Skills webinar

Highlights – Fire Analyst Competences and Skills webinar

The Fire Analyst Competences and Skills webinar, organised by the CFRS, took place on the 17th September with the main objective of presenting the guidelines defining the fire analysis skills and competences necessary when facing current and future wildfires in different European Countries. The work already done in AFAN aims to create and identify a common European framework of fire analysis (or assessment) to detect not only where current knowledge is but also existing gaps and opportunities.

The session started presenting the progress made in the Guideline of fire analyst competences and skills by Laia Estivill (PCF) followed by the presentation of four real cases to illustrate the specific tasks and products of fire analysis generated for the response phase. Four fire analysts described the Fire Behaviour Analyst position in their own regions or countries: Valencia and Andalucía (Spain), in Portugal and in Chile.

Questions to think about…

  • Incident Command System profiles and roles
    The role of the fire analyst is very linked to the position of this FA in the ICS.  There are a lot of differences between organizations.
  • Europe works more in an harmonization framework than in a standardized framework.
  • In EUCPM, vegetation fires are one of the only areas that has a module specifically linked to the capacity of decision-making.
  • The most important tool in the analysis room is the analyst.
  • The importance improve the alignment between the analysis and the implementation of tactical for the suppression fires.
  • Different organizations have different profiles so there is a need to find opportunities to develop as fire analyst the same way we try to find opportunities during a fire.

Participant’s profile

In total, 115 professionals from 14 European and South American countries (Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK) were interested in participating in the webinar by registering for it. In general, registered participants can be defined by their professional profiles as representatives of: Fire and Rescue Servies, Civil Protection, Fire and Land management agencies, Military Units, Ministers, Municipalities, NGOs, Provate Companies, Research, Training centers and individual consultants

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