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Enhancing the Fire Analysis Network

AFAN aims at empowering the European wildfire expert knowledge-sharing network focused on fire risk analysis and risk reduction.

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The Largest Network of Fire Analysts

AFAN aims to scale up existing regional and national and international knowledge and capacities

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Get to know who is who

Map of the existing resources to share knowledge and experience.

Gain knowledge on fire analysis

NEW! 'Guidelines of fire analysts, competencies and skills'

Contribute to harmonisation

Harmonised framework of competences, capacities and skills.

Network with other fire analysts

Collaborations, agreements and opportunities between organisations.

target groups

Who can join the AFAN network?

The target participants are fire analysts, European civil protection experts and organizations, fire and rescue services, regional public agencies, volunteer organisations responsible of wildfire risk management, existing networks national or international, fire training centres, forestry agencies, researchers and related SMEs and EU funded projects.


What does the AFAN network provide?

AFAN offers a hub to all participants to share best wildfire assessment knowledge, experiences and science between agencies and countries, and provide remote assessment support during wildfire management.

Additionally, the network will provide an opportunity to develop novel approaches to address the needs and challenges expected in the future, and proposes bottom-up actions between the network participant organisations  leading to a general improvement of the operational capacities of responders.

Competences harmonisation

Lessons learned

Representation and visibility





How to get involved?

What is expected from the participants?

Stay tuned and join the AFAN network!

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