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 RIP Doug Campbell

RIP Doug Campbell

After the ’88 fire season ended, I started to write the training program that is now the Campbell Prediction System (CPS). The CPS reveals how burn over situations could have been predicted by the line firefighter, and incorporates a new language that until now was nonexistent. – Mr. Doug Campbell

Last week we received the sad and overwhelming news of the passing away of Mr. Doug Campbell, described by some of his colleagues as a Genius of Fire Behavior, Leader and Innovator. His work has marked a turning point in the course of the fire fighting system in many parts of the world. He was hugely influential in making wildland fire fighting and management safer and more effective.

The Campbell Prediction System (CPS) is currently used by many fire and rescue services to understand the wildfires, predict and communicate their behaviour and anticipate strategies to suppress them in safety conditions. The CPS was imported to Europe in the late 90′ and it has been implemented since then to become an indispensable tool for forest fire analysis that allows, in a very simple way, to know whether the fire will increase or decrease its behaviour.

The AFAN network aims to acknowledge Mr. Doug Campbell’s legacy in the field of the fire analysis in Europe and highlight his generosity and solidarity.

Sit tibi terra levis.

Author: Pep Serra

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