Work Packages

WP 1. Project Management

WP1 aims to meet the following transversal objectives:

  1. Ensure the appropriate coordination and management of the project by means of promoting a smooth communication between partners, regular and efficient completion of the planned tasks.
  2. Guarantee the fulfilment of all the tasks and objectives in accordance to the established schedule in order to accomplish the project goals on time and with a satisfactory quality.
  3. A fluent communication with the whole consortium and implementation of risk mitigation if those are needed.
  4. Monitoring actions to ensure a proper development of the project according to the agreed plan.
  5. Reporting to the European Commission the project’s progress and the correct and transparent financial execution of the project budget.
WP 1. Project Management

Task 1. 1. Internal organisation and project management

Task 1.2. Reporting and interaction with EC

WP 2. Planning and activities

WP2 identifies the existing fire analysis (or assessment) capacities and develops the common processes and knowledge to be implemented by the AFAN functioning network. This includes development of the needed skills, identification of the best available support tools and wildfire remote assessment. Three specific objectives are defined:

  1. To set a common European framework of fire analysis in order to obtain a more harmonized methodology and knowledge-sharing structure for fire experts.
  2. Identification of best practices, science and tools at a European scale needed for the defined fire analysis capacities and how to use them to improve fire risk management, both at
    preparedness and response stages.
  3. Establish a shared operational framework regarding remote fire assessment to facilitate the exchange of information between different network members when facing complex wildfires.

WP 2. Planning and activities

Task 2. 1. Harmonisation of fire analysis knowledge

Task 2.2. Tools, science and best
practices for fire analysis

Task 2.3. Remote assessment

WP 3. Communication and Visibility

WP3 focuses on developing and implementing effective communication and dissemination strategies to reach target groups (e.g. civil protection, fire services, forest fire experts). The objectives are achieved through three tasks:

  1. Ensure efficient and harmonised project communication, knowledge transfer and dissemination of activities and results at local, regional, national and European scales.
  2. Increase the visibility and impact of the network by engaging target groups to be part of AFAN. To accomplish that, on the one hand, AFAN consortium develops a sustainable network structure to facilitate partner engagement and animation of the network as well as a strategy to ensure the accessibility of fire knowledge. 
  3. Demonstrate the operational capacities of the network and propose the way forward for the sustainability network.
WP 3. Communication and Visibility

Task 3. 1. Project dissemination

Task 3.2. Network structure, engagement and outreach

Task 3.3. Demonstration of AFAN network and way forward